Saturday, May 26, 2018
I'll tell the story of how a long-haired hippie was taken under wing and taught how to work hard by rock-solid American homesteaders. And how, in the process, he was trained in the old fashioned Master / Apprentice way.

To my mentor Frank Trotter, everything had to fit. Foundations were made level to the tolerance of 1/16". I had to dig ditches and haul lumber until I was finally allowed to saw and drive nails. When I
finally got the chance to cut, he used to make me cut to 1/32" or do it over. No hammer marks were allowed anywhere, even on the framing that got covered up. Frank taught me to use a hand saw--still one of the best tools in the box. He had a collection of beautiful, sharp saws. No nail guns!

We put up huge beams, poured tons of concrete, and worked on roofs overlooking the crashing Pacific. We worked on the Post Ranch when it
was still the Post Ranch, collected rocks for the fireplace with Bill Post himself. We worked on the Owings A-frame at Grimes Point, Henry Miller's place on Partington Ridge, among others.

Nowadays, we do indeed use power tools and computers, because they are fast - and we value your time. But we would never take a shortcut when it's not appropriate. I still cut window sills and scribe strips with the handsaw, simply because it's the best way.

And now it's my turn to teach. Two of my sons and grandson work with me and the torch is being passed. Let us know if we can help you with
your project; we'll put all our years of experience behind what we say and do.
Tom Carvey
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