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About Partington Ridge Construction
It all goes back to the Homestead on Partington Ridge, where we lived for 10 years. We raised a family, were part of a community, and Tom learned the carpentry trade.

I was fortunate to learn the trade from some great men: Frank Trotter, Walter Trotter, Don McQueen and Everett Makowski. They emphasized craftsmanship and quality; the rugged terrain and the weather conditions demanded it, and we produced it. We built homes from the ground up, so I learned to build foundations, subfloors and framing, roof framing, cabinetry, and finish carpentry.

Now it's my turn to work with my own sons and grandson. We are carrying on a tradition of quality and respect for materials that is timeless.
  • Tom Carvey
  • PO Box 225
  • Lockwood, CA 93932
  • tcarvey23@gmail.com
  • (831) 596-6587
  • Contractors' license 391326
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